First Prize Marriage


First Prize: Marriage Harlequin Romance May 2005 ISBN 0373038461

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When Dixie Osborn entered a competition to win a secluded mountain lodge, she never expected her entry to come first! Dixie’s thrilled she’ll be able to help the troubled teenagers she works with. It’s her dream come true but there’s a catch…

Dixie’s ticket was stuck fast to another there’s a tie! Now she has to share the lodge with the totally gorgeous Jack Powers for four days. But Jack seems more interested in Dixie than in claiming his prize.

Soon, both realize that there is much more at stake than just the lodge…



Assignment Marriage  

Assignment: Marriage Harlequin Romance March 2004 ISBN 0­373­03790­2

BUY: Amazon/ KOBO/ Ibooks/ NookReaders will enjoy an undeniably fun jaunt with Assignment:  Marriage (4 Stars).  Jodi Dawson maintains a contemporary tone and mixes amusing moments with a little drama and a lot of heat.” ­­Romantic Times With her business to run, Kat Bennet doesn’t have time for love­­until a sexy stranger comes into her life!  Kat quickly discovers that Daniel West has a hidden reason for being in town, and she’s roped into helping him with his assignment.  Working closely with Kat, Daniel realizes he wants her as his bride ­­but will she say yes when he reveals his secret agenda?




Their Miracle Baby 

Their Miracle Baby Harlequin Romance: Read for Baby! September 2003 ISBN 0­373­03766­X

BUY: Amazon/ KOBO/ Ibooks/ Nook “Wow!!  Jodi has a way with happy endings.  She reached out and touched my heart, as if the story was just for me.  I can‘t wait to read her next story.  Her humor and reality in her stories are fabulous.” ­­ Tricia Stahlman Faith Kincade would do anything for her family — even agree to carry her sister’s baby. Only, a tragedy has left Faith pregnant, alone, but determined to keep the child…. Nick Harrison vows to gain custody of his late brother’s baby. But when he meets Faith he’s torn between wanting to protect this beautiful, vulnerable woman and wanting to take care of the baby. Then he hits on a way to do both — marriage!




Her Secret Millionaire Harlequin Romance May 2003 ISBN 0­373­03750­3

BUY: Amazon/ KOBO/ Ibooks/ Nook “…charming…” ­­ Romantic Times Between running a family business and caring for two small children, Danielle has no time for romance. The answer to her prayers would be a qualified nanny walking through the door — instead, Dani finds herself in an encounter with a tall, dark, incredibly gorgeous stranger! Hunter King is equally surprised — and impressed. In fact, he decides to keep quiet about being a high­powered tycoon. He knows Dani will be shocked when she discovers his true identity, so he has to act fast if he’s going to convince her that their temporary arrangement could be more…permanent!